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CSC-008 - Sloth and Turtle - S/T Sloth & Turtle E.P.

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Image of CSC-008 - Sloth and Turtle - S/T Sloth & Turtle E.P.

Limitied edition of 50 Glitter green High-bias cassette tape. Hand numbered, home dubbed, printed and assembled in Castlegar, British Columbia.

Some praise for Sloth & Turtle:

Sloth & Turtle are a fine example of how less is more, that; they don’t let their bright brand of of math-rock suffice itself with just happy riffs and short jaunts into the realm of guitar centered music. Instead, they’ve crafted a fully realized and wholly interested self-titled EP, playing very cleverly into the strength of their style.

-Heavy Blog is Heavy

Sloth & Turtle make glitzy math rock. There is no denying the instrumental prowess the band does possess, even if originality is far from central to their sound. Post and electronic flourishes are hidden throughout like BBQ and sweet chili packets that you didn't ask for but got anyway. And it kicks ass.

-Sputnik music

Pouring from the flowing rivers of Santa Rosa, Ca; Sloth and Turtle bounded in a bundle of observational relativism, is an outfit that employs all species which frolic about the math-rock jungle.

-The Math Rock Times

Instrumental quartet Sloth & Turtle have tapped (literally) into some crazy musical terrain during the last few years. Seamlessly blending math-rock, post-rock, and hardcore is no easy task, but the boys pull it off with just enough '80s metal flair to keep Eddie Van Halen yelling "You damn kids get off my lawn!”

-The Bay Bridged