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CSC-010 - Jitters - Zones Deluxe Cassette


Image of CSC-010 - Jitters - Zones Deluxe Cassette
  • Image of CSC-010 - Jitters - Zones Deluxe Cassette

This is some of the most ferocious music I have ever subjected my ears too. Think Melt-Banana meets Venetian Snares. It's pure chaos, but controlled chaos.
We, at CSC records, love it.

This limited edition features new artwork and a bonus unreleased song, Zone Collapse, exclusive to this release, and not found on the original digital release.

"Coup sur coup Records is releasing Jitters‘s 2016 extravaganza Zones physically onto cassette, coming out in May 2019. I rarely mention rereleases like this, but, trust me, it’s for a good cause. Nathan and Danny’s cathartic duo is consisting of contorted, spastic, and totally mad performances of both drums and guitars (and also electronics). This record will give you quite a surreal time filled with harshness, noise, and pure energy. A great work of art, with the epitome being a huge 44-minute psychedelic trip."
-Can this even be called Music ?

"Tampa-bred instrumental math-prog duo that plays fast and futuristic melodies, with busy drums and sonic loopage scattered throughout their songs. Their sound is taut and nervous, full of abrupt, jagged instrumental twists and turns."
-CL Tampa

"Not having boundaries or restrictions has always been a prominent part of our approach to music and we've been wanting to write a piece that incorporates more electronic elements for some time now."