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CSC-004 - The Poison Arrows/My Way My Love - FT90 Split

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Image of CSC-004 - The Poison Arrows/My Way My Love - FT90 Split

Chicago trio the Poison Arrows brings together Don Caballero bassist Patrick Morris with drummer Adam Reach and singer/guitarist Justin Sinkovich of Atombombpocketknife. They cranked out a couple LPs and a pair of EPs during their initial 2007-2011 run, and after returning to live performance in 2015, they’re back in 2017 with full length No Known Note and a digitally released split with Japan's My Way My Love, who will be released physically for the first time in 2018 via Coup sur Coup Records

My Way My Love are a fearsome two piece that trades in angular and noise drenched rock from the neon lit urban freak out known as Tokyo, Japan. Emerging in the year 2000 out of the ruins of Japanese indie band the Cimons, My Way My Love were initially formed as a solo project of guitarist Murata Yukio, and rounded up with drummer Shozo Ishida. Characterized by furious bursts of noise and feedback, My Way My Love took their musical inspiration from the most uncompromising ends of Sonic Youth and Nirvana's discographies. They established a reputation in Japan through frequent touring and a prolific recorded output. The 2007 album Joy receiving positive reviews in the U.K. music press and 2008's A Holy Land Invader seeing the band's sound evolve in a tighter, more focused direction, in the process losing some of the feedback and noise of previous releases.